Sun-Earth Connection ISEST Workshop
(International Study of Earth-Affecting Solar Transients)

June 17 - 20, 2013
Hvar, Croatia
Hvar, Croatia
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Group photo, ISEST Workshop, Hvar
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Loggia, 17.6.2013 Hvar School, 18.6.2013
  • About the workshop

    • The workshop is to improve the scientific understanding of the origin and propagation of solar transients, and develop the prediction capacity of these transients' arrival and potential impact on the Earth. 
    • This workshop is the activity of the ISEST program in CAWSES-II  / Task Group 3.
    • The workshop engages coordinated international activities in observation, theory and modeling, and involves scientists in both developed and developing countries, and provides an online platform for educational opportunities for students
    • The ISEST program is open for all interested participants, whether or not you attend the workshop. 
    • An online video from SCOSTEP president  Nat Gopalswamy provides a good general introduction to the ISEST program.
  • Scientific Organizing Committee

    • Jie Zhang (Chair)                    George Mason University (USA)
      Bojan Vršnak (Co-Chair)       Hvar Observatory (Croatia)
      Ayumi Asai                            Kyoto University  (Japan)
      Peter Gallagher                       Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)
      Alejandro Lara                        National Autonomous University  (Mexico)
      Noé Lugaz                              University of New Hampshire (USA)
      Christian Mostl                        University of Graz (Austria)
      Alexis Rouillard                      CNRS/IRAP (France)
      Nandita Srivastava                  Physical Research Lab (India)
      Yu-Ming Wang                       Univ. of Science and Technology of China (China)
      Yuri Yermolaev                      Space Research Institute (Russia)
      David Webb                            Boston College (USA)
  • Local Organizing Committee

    • Jaša Čalogović (Chair)
      Mateja Dumbović
      Tomislav Žic
      Katica Vučetić
      Joško Domančić
  • Working Groups and Leaders

    • WG1: Data Group;     Leaders: Jie Zhang (USA), Christian  Mostl (Austria)
    • WG2: Theory Group; Leaders: Bojan Vršnak (Croatia), Yuming Wang (China)
    • WG3: Simulation Group; Leaders: Dusan Odstrcil (USA),  Fang Shen (China); At-large leaders: Noe Lugaz (USA), Chin-Chun Wu (USA)
    • WG4: Campaign Event Group;  Leaders: Nariaki Nitta (USA), Luciano Rodriguz (Belgium); At-large leaders: David Webb (USA)