Submission_time: 2013/04/01 00:49 EST

Badge_Name:Dusan Odstrcil

Affiliation:George Mason University and NASA/GSFC

Working_Group 1st Choice:WG3

Working_Group 2nd Choice:WG4

Title:Helio Weather Project and Numerical Simulation of Multi-CME Events

Abstract:The ENLIL-based modeling system enables faster-than-real time simulations of corotating and transient heliospheric disturbances. This “hybrid” system does not simulate origin of coronal mass ejections (CMEs) but uses appearance in coronagraphs, fits geometric/kinematic parameters and launches a CME-like structure into the solar wind computed using the WSA coronal model. Numerical heliospheric simulation then provides global context of CMEs propagating in the inner heliosphere and interacting with structured background solar wind and with other CMEs. In this presentation, we introduce the Helio Weather project which aims to develop a “next generation” ENLIL system. We will also present simulations of multi-CME events during August 2010. March 2012, and July 2012 periods of enhanced solar activity. This work is supported by the NASA and NSF Living With a Star’s Strategic Capabilities (LWS-SC) program.