Badge_Name: Li Feng

Affiliation:Purple Mountain Observatory

Working_Group 1st Choice:WG1

Working_Group 2nd Choice:WG4

Title: Reconstruct the 3D CME morphology with a mask-fitting method


We have developed a mask-fitting method to derive the 3D morphology of a CME
from coronagraph images. The evolution of the 3D CME cloud was followed in
terms of 3D height, propagation direction, speed, expansion, and orientation
using the STEREO/COR, SOHO/LASCO, Venus Express/VEX data (Feng et al., 2012, ApJ).
The comparison of our mask fitting method and four other methods which can
derive 3D CME morphology are presented as well (Feng et al., 2013, SoPh).
Based on the more precise 3D morphology, we recalculated the CME mass, potential and
kinetic energy as well (Feng et al.,2013, ApJ). The mask fitting method will be
extended to the HI 1 observation in the near future.