Submission_time: 2013/03/05 01:08 EST

Badge_Name:Jie Zhang

Affiliation:George Mason University, USA

Working_Group 1st Choice:WG1

Working_Group 2nd Choice:WG2

Title:Observation and Understanding CME Evolution in the Interplanetary Space

Abstract:We will present the observations and quantitative characterization of CME evolution in the interplanetary space based on SOHO, STEREO and in-situ observation. Both shock (and/or compression) fronts and the 3-D structure of CME ejecta will be examined. Theoretical models of CME evolution will be discussed. The goal is to create a reliable prediction model.

Comments:Interested in observations of CME propagation in interplanetary space,
making quantitative measurement and creating empirical prediction model. Also interested in theoretical modelling of CME structure and CME evolution.