Submission_time: 2013/04/19 11:27 EST

Badge_Name:Olga Sheiner

Affiliation:Radiiophysical Research Institute

Working_Group 1st Choice:WG1

Working_Group 2nd Choice:WG4

Title:Microwave emission associated with CMEs formation and initial propagation as tool to assess potential geoeffectiveness

Abstract:The report deals with the phenomena observed in the solar microwave emission during two-hour interval prior to CME’ registration on coronagraph. We use the data of round-the-clock patrol observations of centimeter and decimeter emission for 1998 and 2003, and individual events in January 2005 and December 2006.
The results of statistical studies evidence that the width of the most developed CMEs affecting the near-Earth space depends on the characteristics of microwave sporadic radio emission observed during 2-hour intervals preceding CME registration on coronagraph.
It is shown also that the absolute majority of such CMEs an the stage of their formation is associated sporadic microwave radiation having the certain characteristics such as its the broadband and length of more than 10 minutes.
This allows to assess potential geoeffectiveness of CMEs using data on the radio emission, taking into account expected CME source position on the solar disk.

Comments:Coauthor: V.M.Fridman