Creating an Account:

To create an account on the ISEST Wiki, go to the top right of the page and click Log in / Create Account. On the Log in page, click the request link. Fill out the form and submit it. You will then receive an email asking you to confirm that the account is valid and the e-mail address is correct. When you confirm your e-mail address the account will be approved and you will be able to login with your user name and password.


Editing Pages:

To edit a page, you just need to login and find the page you wish to edit (note, some of the main pages are set up that only administrators may edit them) and select the edit button on the top. You will see the wiki code of the page. To add text just type it wherever you want it to go on the page. (You may need to  include page breaks with the '<br>' symbol to ensure your text starts on the right line.


To include a header, use an equal sign before and after the text (i.e. =Header=) and two or three equal signs (i.e. ==Sub-Headings== or ===Sub-Sub-Headings===)


To add a bullet point, type an asterisk in front of the text. For another bullet point beneath that one indented further, type two asterisks in front of your text and so on.


Including Equations

If you would like to include equations, type them in as if they were LaTeX code between <math></math> (i.e. <math>\alpha^2+\beta^2=1</math>)


Uploading Data:

Uploading any sort of file to the wiki is explained here:


General Formatting Help:

A thorough explanation of wiki formatting can be found at


If anything you need is not explained there or you have any other questions, email Phillip Hess at